Our Advisors

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Ali Askar bin Sher Mohamad is advisor to Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA). He graduated with BSc (Electrical Engineering) from Purdue University of the USA, MEngSc (Power Engineering) from UNSW of Australia, and PhD (Engineering) from UNITEN of Malaysia.

Dato’ Ali lectured on power engineering, electrical safety and renewable energy courses at UNITEN before appointed Technical Advisor to Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water in 2010 to develop subsidiary legislation to Renewable Energy Act on grid connection, and subsequently appointed Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia’s Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA).

During his tenure at SEDA, Dato’ Ali helped the government in drafting the Renewable Energy Act and launching the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) that kick-started the renewable energy industry in Malaysia. He has contributed significantly to nurturing the growth of national renewable energy industry that includes solar PV, biogas, biomass and small hydro power generation.

He has opened the way for implementation of PV projects on a big scale by successfully getting government approval for Large Scale Solar (LSS) scheme by bidding, as well as Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme and self-consumption scheme, to replace the FiT scheme for solar.

After leaving SEDA in 2016, Dato’ Ali had worked as Chief Executive Officer of consultancy firm EASSETM Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of UK-based eAssetM Pte Ltd. He is currently the Managing Director of Sher Engineering & Consultancy Sdn Bhd, which focuses on grid connection of renewable energy plants, with projects spanning across Malaysia and Southeast Asia, to as far as Bangladesh.

Mr Ahmad Shadzli bin Abdul Wahab is advisor to Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA). He graduated with BSc (Physics) from the King’s College, University of London. He has more than 35 years of dedication to the development of solar energy and renewable energy in Malaysia. Between 1982 to 1984, he was project manager of Malaysia’s first solar PV system for rural electrification programme that was sponsored by the Ministry of Energy.

In 1985, Mr Shadzli embarked on the design and study of solar tracker for PV concentrators in the project of his postgraduate study. He subsequently graduated with MSc (Solar Energy) from Universiti Sains Malaysia upon completing his thesis on the data analysis of solar radiation study for Malaysia’s Penang state.

Later, he was involved in the monitoring and evaluation on Malaysia’s first co-generation plant which used rice husk for power generation. He has also worked as project manager of Malaysia’s first fully automatic multiple stations (4.5 MW) and project manager of Malaysia’s wind energy system (150 kW) meant for electricity generation and water desalination system for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Other achievements of Mr Shadzli include design of small wind turbine in Malaysia with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, design and study on 200 watt solar PV system using locally-designed 400 watt inverter, consultancy to Ministry of Rural Development in preparing technical design for solar electrification programme, feasibility study of 1 MW PV manufacturing plant in Malaysia, and a five-year programme to set up 30-million-ringgit Energy Technology Laboratory for Tenaga Nasional Research and Development Sdn Bhd (TNRD).

Mr Shadzli was Senior Manager and Head of Energy Technology Unit of TNRD and is currently the Managing Director of Intelligent Power System Technology Sdn Bhd.

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