Message by the President

Founded in July 2007, this year marks the 10th anniversary of MPIA establishment, in which one of its noble aims is to make solar PV as the mainstream source of energy for Malaysia, besides coal, gas and hydro. Its birth also coincided with the implementation of the ground-breaking 5-year subsidy-based SURIA 1000 programme in 2006, which allowed residential owners to enjoy a maximum of 75% subsidy for grid-connected PV system. 

With its Protem committee, headed by Mr. Shamsudin of SHARP ROXY Malaysia who later became its first MPIA President, Mr. Sivaganthan (Bestium Technologies Sdn Bhd), the first Secretary and Vice President, Mr. Paul Millot (Advanced Solar Voltaic Sdn Bhd), Mr.Lionel Yap, Mr. Kenneth Chang (Mitsubishi Solar) and Mr. Ahmad Shadzli from IPS Technology Sdn Bhd, the Association has grown both in membership numbers and maturity from 25 to 60 currently and hopefully reaching our target of 100 members by end of this year. 

Though small in numbers, in comparison with other established Associations, its tasks and responsibility are indeed formidable and increasingly challenging as the PV industry grows. 

From training to policy matters, MPIA has now established itself as the credible voice in the PV industry. From the very start of its existence, MPIA has been engaging actively with the then Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM), an important agency which had implemented successfully SURIA 1000 programme up to its conclusion in 2010, and now with SEDA which was established in 2011 to implement the popular Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programme. 

Thus far the FiT programme has approved a total of about 200 MWp of grid connected solar PV system in residential, commercial and residential sectors, PV farms included. 

The success of FiT programme in many ways have expanded local PV market significantly and MPIA has played important roles in providing the government ministries (KeTTHA, MOF, MITI) and agencies ( SEDA, MIDA, ST, PEMANDU etc.) with useful feedbacks and inputs from industry perspectives. For example MPIA was and still is a member of SEDA sponsored working committees on Training that drafted syllabuses for engineers, technicians and PV system installers. MPIA is also well represented in SIRIM working committees and Main Working Committee on Standards. Several memorandums containing concrete proposal and suggestion to attract investments and public participation in solar PV have been submitted to these relevant ministries and agencies. 

In short, MPIA contribution to the PV industry since its inception has been exemplary, and will continue to do so in coming years. I call upon all MPIA members with relevant expertise and know how in all aspects of solar PV to come forward and contribute in ensuring our solar PV industry in Malaysia continues to grow and become the mainstream source of energy now and in the near future. 

Let’s make the world a better place with solar energy. 


MPIA President 2019/2021

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