Effective January 2015 onward the Membership Categories and Fees for the Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association is as follows. 

There are 2 categories of members who are eligible to join the Association namely Full members and Individual members.

The application will take 14 working days to process. Please do not pay the membership fee until your application is approved by the MPIA committee.

Full Membership

Only Companies and/or multinational companies registered under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 and registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia that are involved in the photovoltaic industry and/or in the development of the photovoltaic industry and having its principal place of business in Malaysia are eligible to be Full Members of the Association.

Fee for Full Member
– Entrance fee RM2,000.00
– Annual subscription fee for Full Member (yearly renewal) RM1,000.00

Individual Membership

Individual members shall be an individual with Feed-in Approval Holders (FiAH). An individual member shall have no voting rights and shall not hold any post in the association.

Fee For Individual Member
– Entrance fee RM 100.00​
– Annual Subscription fee for an Individual (yearly renewal) RM 50.00

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