About MPIA

Who We Are

The Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA) is a non-profit organization representing the Malaysian solar industry. MPIA is dedicated to the promotion of solar energy and consists of members from the local solar supply chain, including manufacturers, service providers, system integrators, consultants, insurance providers, training providers and academicians. MPIA bridges communication among the stakeholders and has been working with the government to ensure the efficient, ethical and professional growth of solar industry.

Our Vision

Everyone can generate their own electricity via solar PV.

Our Mission

  • To reform and democratize the electricity supply industry (generation, transmission and distribution).
  • To make solar PV price competitive, reliable, sustainable and one of mainstream sources of electricity supply in the country via innovations and incentives.
  • To achieve the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and competency in the solar PV industry.


  • To achieve a national target of at least 12% of total national electricity consumption (~10,000 MWp or 10 GWp) is supplied by solar PV by 2030.
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