MPIA Solar Roadshow in Pahang

On 16 Nov 2021, the MPIA Solar Roadshow was held in Pahang and officiated by Mohd Faizal Jaafar, the CEO of Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP).
In his speech, Mohd Faizal said the tremendous fall in solar photovoltaic system prices in the last few decades is noteworthy and should be given due appreciation, because the ‘feedstock’ of solar photovoltaic systems is sunlight, which is free of charge. “In comparison, the conventional power plants that use fossil fuels of which their prices fluctuate according to market dynamics.”
“For instance, the Indonesian benchmark price for coal in October was 161 US dollars per tonne, compared to the average 58 US dollars per tonne last year.”

MPIA President Davis Chong said the government has set the target of achieving 31% power generation capacity for renewable energy by 2025, and it was against this backdrop that MPIA had initiated the solar roadshow.

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