Charting a new plan on solar PV training

On 2 February 2021, a discussion was held between MPIA and Pahang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) on the collaboration of establishing PSDC as a comprehensive solar photovoltaic (PV) training facility for the East Coast.

During the discussion, MPIA Vice President II and Master Trainer Prof. Sulaiman Shaari outlined a few areas of undertakings for PSDC to establish the training facility.

MPIA Committee member David Khoo also shared his experience in setting up the similar facility at the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) previously.

The discussion was also attended by MPIA Treasurer Joe Wong, and among the representatives from PSDC were its Deputy Executive Director A. Rahim, Education Department Director Faraliza, and Technical Training Research Director Nasrul Rahman.

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