Solar roadshow in Perak

The second leg of MPIA Solar Roadshow 2020-2021, consisting of conference, exhibition and business matching, was held in Ipoh, Perak on 6 October 2020. The event registered full-house attendance of 100 people, the maximum capacity allowed by the conference hall with COVID-19 prevention SOP.

Perak EXCO of Industry, Investment and Corridor Development YB Dato’ Shahrul Zaman Yahya who officiated the event said Malaysia is a country blessed with a lot of sunlight, which can be converted to electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) technology.

“The roofs of our buildings are therefore ideal places for solar PV system because they are exposed to sunlight throughout the year. A rooftop solar PV system can provide electricity directly to appliances in the building, reducing the amount of electricity imported from the grid.”
He said companies should take note that tax allowance is available for their investment in the PV system, under the Green Investment Tax Allowance.

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