MPIA Solar National Roadshow at Alor Setar, Kedah

24th June 2019

MPIA Solar National Roadshow 2019

The event at Grand Alora, Alor Setar was a big success! We were truly grateful for have two State Executive Officios to grace the event. We had approximately 150 delegates and had members from the press too!

Huge shoutout to our sponsors, Longi Solar Technology, ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Pekat Solar Sdn Bhd, Engie Services Sdn Bhd, Solarvest Energy Sdn Bhd, Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd, and Allianz Malaysia Bhd.

We want to give a big thanks to our speakers from Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) for the informative presentation!

See you in the next Solar National Roadshow at Avillion Legacy, Melaka!

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