1. Task Force Team on Solar PV Self- Consumption Guideline (6 September)

The MPIA formed a task force to study the requirements for Power System Study (PSS) and SCADA monitoring systems under the recently launched Self-Consumption program. The members of this task force consists of leading industry experts selected to give the MPIA an impartial technical assessment on this matter. The members of the task force are Ahmad Shadzli bin Abdul Wahab (Current Advisor & former MPIA President), Prof. Ir. Dr. Vigna Kumaran a/l Ramachandaramurthy (Senior lecturer at UNITEN), Dato’ Ir. Dr. Ali Askar bin Sher Mohamad (Managing Director of Sher Engineering Sdn Bhd and former COO of SEDA Malaysia), Dr. Ahmad Maliki Omar (Head of Energy Research Centre at UiTM), Ir. Roger Wong (Managing Director of MH Technology Sdn Bhd) and Ir. Shan Suleiman (Managing Director of SSM Associates Sdn Bhd).

2. Industrial Advisory Panel (20 September)

The MPIA Head of Secretariat Office, Mr. Lionel Yap received the honour to be appointed to UNITEN’s Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) for its Postgraduate Program in Business. The MPIA aspires to venture into the education sector to help ensure that the curriculum at the university level meets the current industry needs.

3. SEDA GCPV Seminar (25 September)

SEDA Malaysia, together with the MPIA have teamed up to organise a seminar for Grid Connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) designers. MPIA was represented by President Mr. Chin Soo Mau who presented the industry perspective on the implementation of NEM & LSS program. Two MPIA members also became speakers – Mr. John Hng from JJ-Lapp and Mr. Tan Pi Hua from Pöyry Energy. The former talked about the importance of quality of the electrical connections in project implementation and the latter shared his experience on Large Scale Solar implementations overseas.

4. Courtesy Visit to MIDA (27 September)

MPIA visited MIDA to introduce the current Committee line-up as part of our effort to continuously engage with government agencies on solar PV matters. The visit started off with the brief introduction of the MPIA’s background followed by discussions on the Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) and the Green Income Tax Exemption (GITE) matters. The MPIA also put forward concerns regarding the lack of utilisation of local engineering services especially for the implementation of the Large Scale Solar (LSS) program and the changes in the GITA requirement. MIDA was receptive to the issues raised and suggested the issue to be escalated to the ministerial level.

5. Meeting with FMM (28 September)

The MPIA, represented by Mr. Lionel Yap (Head of the Secretariat Office) and Mr. Ong (Committee on Membership & Events) met with the FMM Membership Division to discuss a possible event collaboration with the FMM. With over 3,000 members consisting mainly of factory owners, MPIA felt that the implementation of solar power generation could be of mutual benefit if it were promoted to both FMM and MPIA members.

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Renewable Energy For Indonesia 2017 (RE4I) | 28-29 November 2017 | Indonesia


Indonesia, with the world’s fourth largest population has an aggressive goal to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix to 23 percent by 2025. With its overall potential to generate 788,000MW through new and renewable energy, Indonesia will serve as a model for clean energy deployment, especially for island nations, while providing a growing market for advanced renewable energy technologies worldwide.

With an expected population of 285 million by 2025, the greatest challenges of Indonesia to achieve universal electrification is their remote regions and islands that currently heavily dependent to high-cost diesel fuel that is often imported and transported over long distances.

Recognising the opportunity that Indonesia’s energy market presents, the Government is committed on its 35 GW energy plan and make power more affordable for the people throughout the country. Efforts in improving the ease of licensing, providing incentives and adjustment on feed-in-tariff are part of the initiatives of the Government in increasing the deployment of renewable energy in the country; while initiating rural electrification programs to bring electricity to more than 12,600 villages lacking on-demand access, largely from renewable resources.

The hosting of the 3rd edition of Renewable energy for Indonesia (RE4I 2017) is to provide an interactive platform for potential investors and renewable energy technologies providers to understand the market directions, opportunities and economic priorities of the Government of Indonesia on the renewable energy sector, at the same time to build potential business networks with the local authorities and industry stakeholders.

Learn more about RE4I



Solar & Off-Grid Renewables Southeast Asia | 20-21 November 2017 | Thailand

As the demand for solar energy and investment continues to steadily grow, we are back with the 5th annual Solar and Off Grid Renewables: South East Asia your definitive guide to building successful solar, storage and microgrid businesses in the ASEAN region. Learn from 50+ speakers and network with 200+ attendees with talks from government, asset owners, IPPs, investors, lenders, developers and advisors active in the ASEAN energy market.

Senior industry professionals driving business development in Southeast Asia such as:
• Developers in Utility scale and rooftop solar, micro grids and energy storage
• Equity investors
• Local & International banks
• Manufacturers
• Utilities and other PPAs providers

• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Myanmar
• Indonesia
• Vietnam
• Cambodia
• Laos

• Market Outlook and Generation Capacity
• Investment Outlook
• Project Financing
• Infrastructure Planning
• Microgrids
• Energy Storage
• Rooftop Solar
• Rural Electrification and Off-Grid Solar
• Utility Scale Solar

15% discount for MPIA members who sign up. Book using code MPIA15 to enjoy the discount offer.

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ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 | 14-15 November 2017 | Philippines


2nd Annual ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 is the largest congress focusing on solar and energy storage market in ASEAN. It will take place in Manila, the capital of Philippines, on November 14-15, 2017.

The event is officially endorsed by Department of Energy, supported by Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association,and Philippine Solar Power Alliance.Investors over the world are gradually realizing the potentials of energy storage market in ASEAN, especially Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Participants from governments, utilities, independent energy producers, energy storage products manufacturers, consulting companies, associate as well as other related sectors are invited to together discuss applications, opportunities and challenges for solar and energy storage development in ASEAN market.

20% discount for MPIA members who sign up

Learn more about ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage 2017